Founded in 2012, Mandarin Capital intends to bridge the growing gap between investors demand and investment offers. Increasing regulation has led to increased concentration of assets in overcrowded strategies, which in turn has resulted in diminishing returns.  Mandarin Capital focuses on working on early-stage, mid-tier and unique opportunities that provide excellent growth potential. It is into this sphere, which is largely ignored by banks and large institutions, which we believe provides our clients with access for significant returns to their investment.

Mandarin Capital makes a point to only engage with tier-1 providers across administration, PB, legal, audit and compliance.

At the core of our company lies an experienced and qualified group of professionals with extensive investment and operational experience spanning different asset classes within the finance industry in multiple regions. Putting this experience to use, we provide an effective and efficient decision making process that allows us to respond to our clients’ demands and changing market climates in a timely manner.

Via the flexible strategies that we employ across all asset classes, we aim to provide consistent and steady performance. We encourage clients to communicate with us on an ad hoc basis to ensure that we are fully aware of their needs and their interests, so that we can meet their objectives efficiently. Thanks to our teams’ experience and deep understanding of regional constraints and businesses, Mandarin Capital strives to provide the best alternative investment and private solutions to maximize the risk-adjusted returns of its clients. Mandarin Capital offers full transparency of its investment decisions, sophisticated risk analysis and access to our fund managers and the firm’s management team to all investors.

Due to the deep network of Mandarin Capital's partners, we assist companies to expand their reach in Europe and Asia, as well as helping raise capital to finance their expansions. The companies that we work with have established business models, high growth potential and are ready to scale up their business. The dedication the Mandarin team places into each advisory mandate ensures maximum potential is reached for the companies we work with.